Harvest Lovesong

New Live CD

  1. Harvest Lovesong 6:50
    (dedicated to my wife Jutta)
  2. Suomi Vibes 8:38
  3. Velvet Tears 8:31
  4. Morning Dance 8:10
  5. Mood Walk 5:53
  6. High Pressure 9:29
  7. Into A Dream 11:20
  8. Tadgh`s Trip 10:54


Fritz Krisse
/ Kontrabass


Natalie Hausmann
/ Tenor Saxophon
/ Alt Saxophon


Oli Poppe
/ Piano
/ Keyboard


Ralf Jackowski
/ Drums


Anna Scherzer
/ Violine


Mareen Knoop
/ Violine


Nikolas Böhm
/ Viola


Leonard Look
/ Cello



Composition: Fritz Krisse (except No. 4 and No. 8 by Oli Poppe)
Arrangement: Fritz Krisse (except No. 4 by Malte Schiller)
Recorded live 6 th of July 2018 at the von Hagen Jazz Festival Blomberg
Mixed: June/July 2019 by Nikolas Böhm
Photos: Stefan Klink
Producer: Axel von Hagen


These People, in various ways, have been influential in the creation of this cd: Jean Sibelius, Van Morrison, Jimmy Page, Mike Brecker, Alban Berg, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Bonham, Arnold Schönberg, Claus Ogermann, Jack Dejonette, Saskia Krisse, Christian Jung, Robert Johnson, Chick Corea, Florian Weber, Maurice Ravel, Miles Davis, John Paul Jones, Bill Evans, Pat Metheny


Howard Hersh says:

I was impressed by the excellent quality of the live recording. I enjoyed all of it immensely, and was particularly drawn to Fritz’s ability to draw inspiration from jazz and concert music of our time. I’m already a big fan of the string bass, and it was lovely to hear it given a prominent voice through his engaging and expressive playing.


Sending my best regards from California,